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Saturday, May 20, 2017, Shipley Center, 10:00am till noon you should arrive at 9:30 to get set up for the class. Internet Search; Beyond the Basics


We will have a general meeting at the Shipley Center on Saturday the 20th of May.

Steve Solberg will give a presentation on Internet Search; Beyond the Basics  this will be a 2 hour “hands on” class, so bring your laptops.

Steve Solberg will have a class on tools for Safe and Secure Browsing

You should arrive about 9:30AM to get setup and files copied to your machine.
Place: Shipley Center-Art Room
Basic computer skills. This is open to both PC and MAC users. Mac users must know how to install software from alternate sources.
One 3-hour class
 This will be a “hands on” class so bring your working laptop and power cord. I will NOT have time to fix your computer. Bring a USB flash drive for course material. If you do not have a laptop, email the club and one of our two-loaner computers will be provided. These are on a first come first served basis.
This class focuses on the safe and secure use of your browser. We will primarily be working with a modern browser that supports the use of add-ons such as FireFox, Chrome and Opera. You will be installing a browser with a built in VPN. We will also install and work with other little known but high security browsers. You will learn to install and use encrypted search engines. I will talk about how to encrypt your DNS and provide the free software to do it. If you don’t know what DNS means you will learn about it at this class. If you don’t wish to encrypt your DNS, then we will “hard code” DNS settings using best DNS providers. This is a security feature. We will briefly cover anonymizing tools and encrypted video.
Class notes and free software download sites will be distributed during the class. Bring your own flash drive so you can copy these files and take them home with you. All programs (software) required for the class will be provided on a CD. Bring your own USB flash drive if you do not have an optical drive and wish to copy material from our computers to yours.
If you do not have a laptop bring at least a 2GB USB flash drive for course material.
Jim H

The meeting will start at 8:30 am at the Shipley Center.